Shaman Tier 1: The Earthfury

The Earthfury Set Bonuses

  • 3 pieces: The radius of your totems that affect friendly targets is increased to 30 yd.
  • 5 pieces: After casting your Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave spell, gives you a 25% chance to gain Mana equal to 35% of the base cost of the spell.
  • 8 pieces: Your Healing Wave will now jump to additional nearby targets. Each jump reduces the effectiveness of the heal by 80%, and the spell will jump to up to two additional targets.
Spell Power27000690120
Fire Resistance341001007700
Shadow Resistance24070000107
Healing Done982218220018018
DropGarr (15.95% chance)Sulfuron Harbinger (30.38% chance)Golemagg The Incinerator (18.28% chance)Molten Core TrashLucifron (28.73% chance)Molten Core TrashMagmadar (15.95% chance)Gehennas (21.90% chance)