WoW Classic Fishing Guide 1-300

So, you want to be a master angler do ya? Fishing is a game of patience, but with the right mindset it can be extremely relaxing and a great way to fill your downtime in Classic WoW. Oh, and it can be pretty damn lucrative too. From high end consumables to fun little things like Savory Deviate Delights, not to mention the booze and trade goods from wreckage, fishing can provide your character with all sorts of goodies. So let’s jump in, jump to exactly what you need to know with the table of contents, or read our full 1-300 fishing guide below.

Fishing Guide Table of Contents

Classic WoW Fishing Trainer Locations

Alliance Fishing Trainer

Apprentice and Journeyman Trainers
Arnold Leland: Stormwind City
Astaia: Darnassus
Grimnur Stonebrand: City of Ironforge
Harold Riggs: Wetlands
Matthew Hooper: Redridge Mountains

Horde Fishing Trainers

Apprentice and Journeyman Trainers
Armand Cromwell: In The Undercity
Kah Mistrunner: Thunder Bluff
Lumak: Orgrimmar

Expert Fishing
To learn expert fishing you’ll need to head on over to Booty Bay and purchase Expert Fishing – The Bass and You from Old Man Heming

Artisan Fishing
To learn artisan fishing you’ll need to find our old friend Nat Pagle out on the shore of Dustwallow Marsh and complete his quest. Nat will send you out to fish up the following in exchange for the artisan fishing training:

  • Feralas Ahi
  • Misty Reed Mahi Mahi
  • Sar’theris Striker
  • Savage Coast Blue Sailfin

Classic WoW Fishing 1-300

Apprentice Fishing 1-75
  • 1-50: You’ll want to buy some shiny baubles to boost your fishing skill and fish in either the Durotar river for Horde or Elwynn Forest for Alliance
  • 50-75: Fish off the pier in Ratchet in The Barrens. Prioritize the pools of wreckage whenever possible for crates full of trade goods to make some extra gold while skilling up.
Journeyman Fishing 75-150
  • 75-100: Continue fishing off the Ratchet piers. If you’re Alliance you’ll want to continue fishing here until 125 skill, Horde can move on at 100 skill.
  • 100-150 (Horde Only): At this point Horde players should head over to Revantusk Village in The Hinterlands. Here you can do the quest “Snapjaws Mon!” and get a nice fishing pole with +25 fishing skill, making the process a bit easier. From there grab some Aquadynamic Fish Attractors from your friendly fishing trainer or engineer and head to the Cape of Stranglethorn. Fish up Stonescale Eels to sell for a tidy profit.
  • 125-150 (Alliance Only): Pick yourself up a Strong Fishing Pole for +5 fishing skill and then you can also head on over to the Cape of Stranglethorn to fish up Stonescale Eels like the Horde.
Expert Fishing 150-225
Artisan Fishing 225-300
  • 225-300: Continue fishing Stonescale Eels off the coast of Tanaris until your fishing skill is maxed out, you should make a nice bit of gold during this part.

Classic WoW Fishing Gear and Items

In Classic WoW there are a number of items that can increase your fishing skill. These can be crucial while leveling your fishing skill as it will allow you to fish in more profitable waters. The added skill is also needed to fish in certain high level spots that even 300 skill is not enough for.

It should be noted that fishing skill does not do any of the following:

  • Allow you to fish faster
  • Reduce the number of casts that do not result in a bite
  • Increase your probability of catching higher quality fish
ItemSource+Fishing Skill
Shiny BaubleFishing vendors+25
NightcrawlersFishing vendors, undead mobs+50
Aquadynamic Fish LensReward from Alliance only quest “Electropellers+50
Bright BaublesFishing vendors+75
Flesh Eating WormRotted Ones in Duskwood+75
Aquadynamic Fish AttractorEngineers, limited supply from fishing vendors+100
Blump Family Fishing PoleReward from Alliance only quest Ma “The Family and the Fishing Pole+3
Strong Fishing PoleLimited supply from fishing vendors+5
Big Iron Fishing PoleShellfish Traps on ocean floor off the coast of Desolace+20
Nat Pagle’s Extreme Angler FC-5000Reward from Horde only quest “Snapjaws, Mon!+25
Arcanite Fishing PoleWinning Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza+35
Lucky Fishing Hat+5
Nat Pagle’s Extreme Anglin’ BootsWinning Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza+5
High Test Eternium Fishing LineReward from turning in a rare Dezian Queenfish
during the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
Enchant Gloves - FishingEnchanters+2

Most Valuable Fish in Classic WoW

Many fish in Classic WoW can be quite valuable. Whether it be a Deviate Fish for Savory Deviate Delights, Stonescale Eels for Stonescale Oil, or other fish related to high level consumables and crafts. Here’s a look at some of the most valuable fish in vanilla WoW.

FishCommon LocationsEstimated Gold Value Per Raw Fish
Firefin SnapperCoastal areas in level 20+ zones. Arathi Highlands, Azshara, Wetlands.5-10 Silver
Oily BlackmouthCoastal areas in 10-40 zones. Azshara, Felwood, Feralas.5-10 Silver
Stonescale EelCoastal Azshara, Tanaris, Hinterlands, Stranglethorn Vale.50 Silver to 1 Gold
Deviate FishThe Barrens5-20 Silver
Lightning EelInland 40+ zones. Eastern Plaguelands, Felwood, Feralas.15-25 Silver
Plated ArmorfishBurning Steppes, Deadwind Pass, Winterspring.15-25 Silver
Raw Glossy MightfishCoastal areas in 40+ zones. Azshara, Feralas, The Hinterlands.Always Cook Instead
Winter SquidCoastal areas in 40+ zones. Can only be caught in winter.Always Cook Instead
Raw Summer BassCoastal areas in 40+ zones. Can only be caught in summer.Always Cook Instead
Large Raw MightfishAzshara Bay of Storms.Always Cook Instead
Raw Nightfin SnapperInland areas in 45+ zones. Felwood, The Hinterlands, Feralas.Always Cook Instead
Raw Sunscale SalmonInland areas in 45+ zones. Felwood, Feralas, The Hinterlands.Always Cook Instead
Raw Greater SagefishGreater Sagefish Schools in Alterac Mountains and Stranglethorn Vale inland waters.Always Cook Instead