What Are The Major Hunter Pet Differences In Classic WoW?

Whether you’re an old school WoW player, or a new school WoW player, you’ve heard of the various complexities that hunters had to deal with in Vanilla WoW. Most of these stemmed through the various Hunter pet mechanics that Vanilla had implemented. These same mechanics are going to be in Classic WoW so it’d make sense to familiarize yourself prior if you’re looking to play hunter. Some of these complexities turned many hunter players away because they simply find them annoying where others find the entire experience more immersive. I am one of the latter. I love little nuances because at the end of the day, when you’re doing those things all successfully, it is extremely more satisfactory than that of retail Hunter pets.

Pet Loyalty, and Happiness in Classic WoW

This is going to be the one that you see affect you almost immediately. There are six different loyalty levels, and as you increase your pet’s loyalty to level 6 (best friend), they’re going to require less food to keep them happy. Why is this important? It’s important because at the three different happiness ranks, you’re going to get increasingly more, or less damage out of your pet. Below, are the three different happiness levels that your pet will maintain.

Unhappy: Causes 75% of Normal Damage

Content: Causes 100% of Normal Damage

Happy: Causes 125% of Normal Damage

You’re going to quickly realize that you’ll want your pet to be at Happy as much as possible. Not only is it going to do more damage for you, but that damage is going to turn into threat. That threat is going to allow your pet to hold aggro thus making it much easier to level. Additionally, this remains incredibly important in PvP as well; especially if you’re planning on going BM. 50% additional damage because of simply keeping your pet fed? Yep, thanks!

Hunter Pets Must Be Leveled

In addition to leveling your character, you’re going to need to level your hunter pet. This is a huge difference from retail WoW to Classic WoW. It sounds like it harder than it actually is, because your pet is going to naturally level with you. You’re generally going to be ~1 level ahead of it until you reach level 60 simply because of how the process works. Your pet, if the same level as you, will not gain experience until you’ve reached a new level. This means that once you hit 41, your pet will then start leveling to 41.

This adds an additional layer to the mechanics of hunter pets, and taming. You cannot simply go out and tame a level 12 pet, at level 60. The pet you tame is going to maintain it’s current level. If you tame a 12, it’s going to remain a 12. That means you’d have to level it 48 times for it to be the same level as you. Not really going to work out too well, huh? So, when leveling, you’re going to really want to decide pet you will want at max level. If you want The Rake, make sure you’re taming him at level 12-16 so you don’t have to level him too much.

Check out the database of pets in Classic WoW to determine which will best suit your needs!

You Can Only Have Three Hunter Pets In Classic WoW

This is where things can get a bit tricky initially because of taming to learn abilities, especially if you’re someone that becomes attached to your pets in WoW. You’re only capable of having a total of three pets. Two within the stable, and one actually on you. We highly recommend leaving one of these slots open while leveling so that you can store your current pet, to be able to learn the next level of Bite, Claw, etc. If you don’t, you’re going to find yourself having to give up one of your pets that you may have already fallen in love with. While pets are stabled, they’re not going to lose loyalty, or happiness.

No Pet At Level 1?

What makes a hunter, a hunter? Is it the pet? Is it the ranged weapon, and abilities? Well, you’re in for a rude awakening if you think it’s their pet. Because, at level 1, you’re not going to have a pet at all. In fact, you’re not going to have a pet until level 10. This is when things really start to take off for hunters in Classic WoW. Hope you’re ready for the rough road ahead of you. Just wait until you’re in yours 30s, and get Viper Sting. You’re going to make so many mages, warlocks, priests, paladins, and shamans cry!

You Must Train Your Pet’s Abilities In More Ways Than One

Some tamed pets are going to have a few abilities, and this is because some pets in the wild actually come with abilities. This is one way you’re going to have to train your pets. You can use Beast Lore to actually see if a wild creature has abilities prior to taming it if you don’t want to use any outside tools such as our database. In addition to being able to tame pets and learn abilities, you can also train abilities at a trainer. You’ll notice the the trained abilities at the trainer are going to be more utility based. To train abilities for your pets, you’ll want to navigate to the Beast Training ability in the General Tab. You’ll then have to use Training Points that your pet will accumulate during use.

Pet Families, And How They Differ

I like to categorize pets in a three different ways: Offensive, Defensive, and Balanced, or General. You’re going to notice that pets each have their own little sub-role within the game. Cats are generally used for PvP, because of their faster attack speeds. Boars, Bears, and Turtles are often used for defensive tanking, and off-tanking. These can also be good for leveling if you’re interested in doing some quests that are higher level than you. Then, there’s balanced. Balanced is going to be a jack-of-all-trades. If you’re interested in more specifics, check out this Classic WoW Pet’s page!

Pets Cannot Learn Every Ability

This is going to be incredibly important, especially if you’re not very good with money. While you can respec your pets, it’s going to quickly get expensive. It is good to know that you’re only able to have 4 active abilities at any given time. This means that if your pet comes with dash, and claw, you will only be able to add two more abilities unless you respec. Like I said, it isn’t a big deal until you realize that with respec, it doubles in gold; and, in Classic WoW, gold is much harder to come by.

Pet Abilities Have Multiple Ranks

This is a big one, because if you’re not actively aware of this, your pet is quickly getting behind. While Rank 1 to Rank 2 claw may only slightly increase your pet’s damage, Rank 1 to Rank 4 is nearly 50% additional damage. If you neglect these new ranks of abilities as you’re leveling, you will notice the content getting harder and harder. We highly recommend taking a look at our Pet Ability & Ranks page