Classic WoW Hunter Pet Attack Speeds

When considering hunter pets in Classic WoW, you’re going to want to consider their attack speed for a few different reasons. The main reason, however, is spell pushback. The faster the attack speed of your pet, the more you’re going to pushback a caster. This is incredibly relevant in both PvE, and PvP circumstances. Have a mage sitting in the backline spam casting on you? Sick your pet on him! If he doesn’t nova your pet, it’s going to take him a LONG time to get a cast off depending on your pet’s attack speed.

In Classic WoW, the wild pets are going to retain their native attack speeds after the taming process is complete. This is important because there’s a wide variety of different tameable pets in Classic WoW. Some of these pets, such as Brokentooth, have an incredible attack speed (1.0). At launch, only Brokentooth is going to be available at 1.0 (the other tameables pets are unlocked in ZG which will not be available until a later phase). If you’re able to get him, you’re going to have a significant advantage over other hunter’s, and casters in World PvP.

It is important to note that the pet’s attack speed doesn’t actually affect the DPS of the pet, but only the speed in which it attacks. The slower hitting pets, of the same species, are going to be hitting significantly harder than the pets that are attacking much quicker. Each tamable pet has a different damage modifier, so make sure you’re considering that when deciding yours!

List of Classic WoW Tameable Pet Attack Speeds

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet to figure out what tameable pets have what attack speeds, check out our table of contents below on the list of possible pet attack speeds of hunter pets in Classic WoW.

Attack Speed 1.0:
Attack Speed 1.2:
Attack Speed 1.3:
Attack Speed 1.4:
Attack Speed 1.5:
Attack Speed 1.6:
Attack Speed 1.7:
Attack Speed 2.0:
Attack Speed 2.4:
  • Ursius (Bear, 56, Winterspring)
Attack Speed 2.5:
Attack Speed Unknown: