Classic WoW Pets

With the re-release of Classic WoW, is going to come a lot of confusion in the Hunter community in regards to their pets. Unless, of course, you’ve already experienced it. There is an an additional level of complexity due to the pet mechanics, and there are some incredibly important things you’re going to need to know. Fortunately for everyone interested, we’ve compiled a summary of things you’re going to need, and want to know.

Classic WoW Pet Families

While there may not be as many pet families as there is in current retail WoW, you’re going to have an abundant amount of choices still. If you’re looking for a more defensive pet, Boars, Crabs, Bears, Crocs, Gorillas, Scorpions, Turtle, and Tallstriders are going to be a fantastic bet. As for offensive pets, take a look at Bats, Cats, Owls, Raptors, Spiders, and Wind Serpents. That isn’t to say the offensive pets are bad defensively, though. Offense is sometimes the best defense!