Classic WoW Grinding Spots

Leveling in Classic WoW works much differently than it does in the modern game. There aren’t endless quest hubs specifically tailored to get you a set amount of levels in a zone. There aren’t tidy paths that flow seamlessly and make leveling a breeze. Often times you won’t be able to find enough quests, or quests you find will send you halfway across Azeroth. It is actually often more efficient to grind levels in Classic WoW than it is to quest to level (especially on launch when quests will be overflooded with players). 

With that in mind, we have compiled a comprehensive list of grinding spots that provide great xp/hour and will help you breeze through the levels. So whether you want to get ahead of the pack, farm up some gold while leveling, or just zone out and watch some Netflix while you chain kill mobs to level up, these spots are where you want to be.

Level RangeZoneFactionWhat To Grind
0-15Starter ZonesNeutralQuesting is fastest method of leveling.
15-17Loch ModanAllianceTroggs
15-20The BarrensHordeHarpies
18-21The BarrensHordeQuilboar
18-22WestfallAllianceShore Crawlers
18-28DuskwoodAllianceRaven Hill Graveyard mobs
19-21Loch ModanAllianceTroggs
19-22The BarrensHordeQuilboar
20-25The BarrensHordeBael Dun mobs
20-25Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralHillsbrad Farmers
20-26WetlandsAllianceRaptors and Slimes
21-22Stonetalon MountainsNeutralVenture Co Loggers
21-24DuskwoodAllianceTranquil Grove Mobs
22-24Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralSpiders and bears
22-24The BarrensHordeBael'dun Excavators
22-25Stonetalon MountainsNeutralWindshear Crag Miners
22-26Thousand NeedlesNeutralGalak Centaurs
22-29Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralVarious Beasts
23-28AshenvaleNeutralShadowhorn Stags
24-26DuskwoodAllianceRaven Hill Cemetary mobs
24-26Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralBears and cats
24-29Stonetalon MountainsNeutralBloodfury Harpies
25-30Thousand NeedlesNeutralGrimtotem Clan mobs
26-26WetlandsAllianceDragonmaw Encampment mobs
26-26WetlandsAllianceWhelgar's Excavation Site mobs
26-28Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralSpiders and Bears
26-30DuskwoodAllianceMud Gnolls
28-28DuskwoodAllianceRotting Orchard mobs
28-28DuskwoodAllianceRaven Hill Cemetary mobs
28-30Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralCats and Spiders
28-34Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralSnapjaw Turtles
29-29DuskwoodAllianceVul'Gol Ogres
29-32Thousand NeedlesNeutralScreeching Harpies
29-32AshenvaleNeutralTerrorwulf Camp mobs
29-32DuskwoodAllianceFetid Corpses
29-37Alterac MountainsNeutralLoramere Lake Turtles
30-32Thousand NeedlesNeutralScreeching Harpies
30-35Hillsbrad FoothillsNeutralDaggerspines
30-38Thousand NeedlesNeutralShimmering Flats mobs
31-31Stranglethorn ValeNeutralKurzen Encampment mobs
32-34DesolaceNeutralKolkar Centaurs
33-33Stranglethorn ValeNeutralStranglethorn Raptors
33-33Alterac MountainsNeutralGrowless Cave mobs
33-34Arathi HighlandsNeutralBoulderfist Ogres
33-37Stranglethorn ValeNeutralVenture Co Geologists
34-34Alterac MountainsNeutralCrushridge Ogres
34-34Alterac MountainsNeutralWitherbark Trolls
34-36Alterac MountainsNeutralYetis
34-40Stranglethorn ValeNeutralVenture Co Geologists
35-40Alterac MountainsNeutralCrushridge Ogres
36-36Stranglethorn ValeNeutralVenture Co Geologists
36-37Dustwallow MarshNeutralRaptors
36-38BadlandsNeutralRock Elementals
36-39Arathi HighlandsNeutralDrywhisker Kobolds
36-40Arathi HighlandsNeutralHighland Fleshstalkers
37-37Stranglethorn ValeNeutralWater Elementals
37-37Stranglethorn ValeNeutralLashtail Raptors
37-41Arathi HighlandsNeutralCresting Exiles
38-40DesolaceNeutralUndead Ravagers
39-41BadlandsNeutralRock Elementals
39-41BadlandsNeutralWolves & Cats
40-42DesolaceNeutralDustbelcher Ogres
40-44BadlandsNeutralScalding Whelps
40-44TanarisNeutralWastewander Bandits
40-46FeralasNeutralWoodpaw Furbolgs
41-43FeralasNeutralGrimtotem Compound mobs
41-45The HinterlandsNeutralVarious Beasts
42-42FeralasNeutralGorduuni Ogres
42-45Stranglethorn ValeNeutralJungle Stalkers
43-43Stranglethorn ValeNeutralNaga Explorers
43-43TanarisNeutralWastewander Bandits
43-45FeralasNeutralGorduuni Ogres
44-44FeralasNeutralIsle of Dread mobs
44-50TanarisNeutralSteeljaw Snappers
45-45FeralasNeutralFeral Scar Vale mobs
46-48FeralasNeutralFrayfeather Skystormers
47-47AzsharaNeutralUndead mobs
47-47TanarisNeutralDunemaul Ogres
47-47Searing GorgeNeutralThe Cauldron mobs
48-51FeralasNeutralNorthspring Harpies
48-52FeralasNeutralDeadwood Gnolls
50-54Western PlaguelandsNeutralUndead Fields
51-51AzsharaNeutralRuins of Eldarath mobs
51-53Un'Goro CraterNeutralTar Lords & Lurkers
51-54AzsharaNeutralLegashi Satyrs
52-55Burning SteppesNeutralFiregut Ogres
52-52FelwoodNeutralJaedenar mobs
52-52Western PlaguelandsNeutralSorrow Hill undead
52-56AzsharaNeutralAzshara Blood Elves
52-60Dire Maul: EastNeutralLashers
53-53FelwoodNeutralIronwood Trees
54-54AzsharaNeutralTemnple of Arkkoran
54-60Western PlaguelandsNeutralScarlet Lumberjacks
54-60WinterspringNeutralWinterspring Ghosts
55-55FelwoodNeutralFelpaw Village Furbolgs
55-55Western PlaguelandsNeutralDalson's Tears mobs
55-56WinterspringNeutralWinterspring Yetis
55-58Eastern PlaguelandsNeutralVarious Undead Camps
56-56Eastern PlaguelandsNeutralCorin's Crossing mobs
56-56WinterspringNeutralWinterfall Furbolgs
56-60Burning SteppesNeutralBlackrock Stronghold mobs
57-57WinterspringNeutralIce Thistle Hill mobs

Is Grinding More Efficient Than Questing?

The answer is the same thing as it is with most questions in Classic WoW, it’s situational. It isn’t always more efficient to grind, but it is a completely viable and steady way to level. There are stretches of the game where questing is undoubtedly faster and more efficient. There are stretches of the game where grinding can be more efficient as well. The real key is a healthy blend of the two styles. Bouncing back and forth between questing and grinding as you see fit will benefit you in the long run while leveling to 60. Not only will this method allow you to earn gold while leveling and help to afford your first mount at level 40, but it will also make the most of the time you put into the game. Quests will help you to get valuable gear while leveling up, as well as large bursts of xp from the stronger questing areas. Grinding supplements that by providing consistent and reliable xp during the phases where quests are lacking or overly crowded by other players.