is a Horde guild on [SERVER TBD] NA. Our guild is led by a core group of real life friends who loved vanilla WoW and want to recapture that magic. Our goal is to create a guild that feels like home, where chat and Discord are actively flowing, members play WoW, and other games, together, and we have a shit ton of fun while getting stuff done. We’re all about combining efficiency with fun, we don’t mind off-meta specs as long as you can play it, but we don’t want to waste 3 weeks on something easy either. We try to embody the “bring the player, not the class” mentality while still being an effective guild.

Do you want to slay dragons and see the endgame content that WoW classic has to offer? We plan on full clearing every raid in the game, without making raiding a 40 hour a week job. While we want our raiders to be prepared and have the necessary consumables, we do not expect you to be using every potion in the game with every world buff at all times. If you enjoy that kind of preparation, more power to you and we love the enthusiasm, but it’s not a hard requirement. We do expect that you know how to play your class and spec, have the necessary consumables, and basics like enchanting your gear covered though.

Prefer to bathe in the blood of the Alliance scum? We’re about that life too. We’ll be running guild battlegrounds, starting city raids, and of course partaking in our fair share of ganking and world PVP chaos as much as possible. Guild dueling tournaments, Gurubashi arena events, STVietnam runs, these are all things you can expect.

Just like to take the world in and enjoy Azeroth in its natural state? We’re good with that too! Whether you’re someone who loves playing the auction house and getting filthy stinking rich, maxing out every profession in the game on a series of alts, or just exploring and going on adventures, we want to be a guild that provides a fun environment for you to do it in. Classic moves at a slower pace, and it really is often about taking the longer route and letting it all sink in while you make your own adventure.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that is a good fit for you, and that you’re a good fit for us. Let us know some more about yourself, and let’s talk and see if the fit is right.

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WoW Classic Guides, and Content At The Click of a Button

In addition to the Guild, we as many others, love using tools and resources on the internet to further build upon our gaming experience. Everyone likes to play World of Warcraft their own way. Some may not use tools, and resources at all. Others may find them incredibly helpful. At the end of the day, we want your experience on WoW Classic to be the best that it can be.

If you’re new to Classic, there’s going to be some major learning curves. Things aren’t handed to you. For example, questing in Vanilla/Classic isn’t going to be spoon fed to you. You’re going to have to read each quest to determine where the actual quest mobs are. This can be incredibly confusing for a lot of people, but we think you’ll learn that it enhances WoW Classic in a positive way.

Looking for addons? We’ve got you covered. What about a blacksmithing, and mining guide? Look no further. We look forward to joining you on this roller coaster of a ride that Classic WoW is going to be. Just make sure you’re enjoying it, and I think you’re going to look back and create more nostalgic moments for you and your gamer buddies.