WoW Classic Guild, And One Stop Shop For Everything WoW Classic!

If you’re like us, you were ecstatic to hear that World of Warcraft’s very first game, Vanilla WoW, is being re-released. There’s an incredible amount of nostalgia behind the thoughts of a remake of Vanilla WoW, and that tends to be the fuel behind everyone’s fire. However, if you’ve gotten the chance to play the Classic WoW beta, you know how powerful this game truly is, and was. Not only is the nostalgia when playing Classic WoW an incredible feeling, but you quickly remember how and why you fell in love with World of Warcraft originally. This game, if you’re an old school WoW player, is going to be a breath of fresh (old) air.

Our love of Vanilla WoW is going to be poured into this site in hopes that we can help each and every visitor understand why we fell in love with the game. On top of that, we want to make your experience playing Classic WoW the best that it can possibly be. There are so many different ways to play the game, and we hope that this project of ours can help you guys one way or another!

Mark your calendars as World of Warcraft: Classic is hitting the market August 27th, 2019. You are not prepared!